Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Update - L's new diagnosis

With the last therapist that L had they did there best to make me feel crazy. The therapist switched out three times, going up in level as her behaviors deteriorated. The last therapist saw the 'attacks'. She was completely helpless to do anything about them. But my daughter was so cute that she would come to therapy - when she remembered - and just play with her. The final verdict was that she was throwing temper tantrums due to bad parenting. She declared this in front of the psychiatrist who reminded the therapist that L was justifiably on anxiety medication and mood medication.

To me the most frustrating thing is to have someone who does not take the time to listen to what you have to say. It is even worse when they listen but then have forgotten it all by the next time that they have seen you. The least a therapist can do is relook at my kids chart before an appointment.

It is no wonder that we decided to switch services. Although officially it was due to a change in health insurance.

I have aspergers. This means that I really do not over-exaggerate situations. If anything I tend to underemphasize them. Three days of non stop raging tends to be described as a tough weekend. When L had her rage I just let the bruises speak for themselves. Maybe this is why it is so easy for a therapist to brush away my concerns. I respect any psychological professional who listens to what I have to say, and respects me for the background I have both with my child and educationally as well. I do have an MS in developmental psychology, and do have professional experience working with children with autism.

L is afraid of the psychiatrist. I think it is more that she was ashamed of what she did. I think she should be ashamed of what she did, so we can make better choices next time. What I tell her is that it is in the past, here are the consequences of your actions (she has to continually see the bruises) and we need to do better in the future. Then I dropped it. I knew that it was enough for her, unless she does it again.

I really like it when my children act up at their appointments. It makes it easier for them to see what I am talking about.

This Saturday was great, the more I talked the more the psychologist nodded her head and said "I can see why you say it is aspergers" or "maybe it is aspergers". L walked out with a new diagnosis, one I think is more appropriate then her last diagnosis - which was mood disorder - nos. She is currently diagnosed with aspergers (yes I know it does not technically exist - but it will not go away despite what the DSM people say) and bipolar. I am not sold on the bipolar - I believe the aggression is a part of the aspergers. You can read all my posts on violence and aspergers to see my view point on that. However, the aspergers diagnosis will now justify the services that she is already suppose to be receiving - such as help with transitions, and social skills support.

Monday, September 15, 2014

What is in the News - Asperger's and Violence

This week instead of recent news stories I will give you a collection of articles on violence and autism. Why? Because when the kids go back to school the stress has seemed to override all the progress we made over the summer. I am hopeful things will calm down. However, not without leaving marks (on me). I am baffled that my son thinks it is ok to hit me as long as I already have bruise, so he does not have to justify causing one. Then he honestly believes it is my fault. It is this completely illogical train of thought that had me searching for articles today. Hope they help.

Violent Aspergers Children: What Parents and Teachers Can Do

A good blog post that outlines reasons for violence, and a response to it. It is more geared towards the elementary age Aspie.

Read More: http://www.myaspergerschild.com/2010/11/violent-aspergers-children-what-parents.html



The Monster Inside my Son

Here is a story courageously told by a mother of a son with high functioning autism who becomes violent once he reaches adulthood. It was written two years ago, since that time numerous acts have been committed by individuals with autism - and people are still too busy denying any connection to find ways to actually help.

Ready More: http://www.salon.com/2009/03/26/bauer_autism/

Experts: No link between Asperger's, violence

Here is one of those articles trying to quickly disassociate autism from violence in the wake of the Sandy Creek shooting. My question is. . . how many other people are going to be hurt before people stop worrying about the stigma and start helping?

Read More: http://news.yahoo.com/experts-no-between-aspergers-violence-014413244.html

Emerging Perspectives on Adolescents and Young Adults With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, Violence, and Criminal Law

Here is a research article looking at the connection between violence and those higher on the autism spectrum. It was published in April of 2012, eight months before the article was written saying that there was no association with autism and violence. Unfortunally it is more of a case study as opposed to research, but it still shows that the question should be asked - not brushed under the rug.

John Odgren Guilty: Asperger's Not Guilty?

Here is a look at the outcome of a young man with aspergers who walked into a high school and stabbed a fellow student in the heart. Did his aspergers play a part? This article seems to suggest that it was at the very center of the manner. It also links to MORE research showing a connection between aspergers and violence. I do not understand why people are more then willing to brush a connection under a rug because it is difficult, rather then meet it head on and actually give these kids HELP!!!

Read More: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/radical-behaviorist/201004/john-odgren-guilty-aspergers-not-guilty

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Uplifting humor for the nights where they just will not let you sleep.

I have to admit I am in a bit of a bad mood at the moment. L had an epic meltdown last night - her first in about four months. It only lasted about an hour - instead of the six they were averaging before, but an hour is still enough time to do a ton of damage. Which basically means my house is torn apart, I am covered in bruises, and everyone is tired. So, it is the perfect day for some humorous comics. Because there is nothing humorous about a nine year old pounding on you because she is so freaking overwhelmed, I decided some sleep deprived comics would make for a nice theme. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekly Menu - Easy Paleo Food

So, for those who are just finding my paleo menus - there is a reason that this blog is called Life with Autism and Bipolar. These disorders dictate how our life is organized.